BOS adds data Transfer functions to its TCP/IP TN5250e Emulator

Better On-line Solutions (BOS), has announced Version 5.0 of its BOSāNOVA TCP/IP TN5250e emulation software.

BOSāNOVA TCP/IP provides Windows 95/98/2000/NT users on a local or remote TCP/IP network (Intranet or Extranet) with AS/400 connectivity. The new version attaches directly to the network with no need for a router. In addition to TN5250e emulation, open database connectivity (ODBC) and native AS/400 file transfer services, BOS say that BOSāNOVA TCP/IP offers high performance and convenient network printing (LPD) and SCS printing emulation. The company says it is especially easy to install, configure and use.

BOSāNOVA TCP/IP version 5.0 adds DTF (Data Transfer Functions), a 32-bit Windows utility for transferring data in either direction between a PC and the AS/400. DTF includes a scheduling facility for definition of automated transfers that run on a specified schedule or are triggered by a dynamic event. Other new components include a copy file utility that supports definition of virtual printers, a facility for definition and configuration of user groups for more efficient administration, and a macro editor.

BOSāNOVA TCP/IP Version 5.0 features four major enhancements. DTF (Data Transfer Functions) enables creation and viewing of profile and profile lists for data transfer, and automatically runs data transfers. A wizard facilitates the building of profiles for data transfer and allows users to browse AS/400 files and members in their native DDS (Data Description Specification) format. DTF features a powerful scheduler that initiates data transfer according to a predetermined time and/or based on a pre-defined screen trigger. It is also possible to send a simple string from the PC to a precise position on a specified display session or to process a script via the specified display session.

Host Explorer provides a Windows Explorer-like interface to copy files between AS/400 and PC folders, to run associated applications on AS/400 files and to configure a virtual printer to use the AS/400 printer as a regular PC printer (this requires a terminal-attached PC printer or Twinax emulation). User Administration incorporates Windows 98/NT functionality into the AS/400 environment, enabling an administrator to create groups, assign users to the groups and permit them access to run or configure applications. In addition, the system administrator can configure the emulation software on a user's PC remotely from the system administrator's PC, using a preset configuration. Macro Organiser has been modified and now includes the Macro Editor.

BOSāNOVA TCP/IP Version 5.0 is now shipping and is available worldwide through the BOS network of subsidiaries, distributors and VARs, as well as on the Internet for download at www.bosweb.com/download/question_bntcpip.html
BOS, 0800 279 5250 www.bosweb.com


CRM from MKI

The latest release of Midas, Midas-Kapati's wholesale and banking solution, now incorporates a new Corporate Customer relationship Management system. The new features of Midas include the addition of an e-business layer, together with the new Corporate CRM application. Midas has been restructured to operate within a three-tiered architecture. The core system, residing on the the AS/400, will continue to provide back office transaction processing for treasury and capital markets instruments, trade finance, commercial and syndicated lending, plus corporate and high net-worth retail banking services. Core accounting, settlement, regulatory and operational reporting will also be handled at this level.

The secondary, or relationship mangement layer is based on NT architecture. It incorporates the Corporate CRM application, a recently-announced Loan Manager front-end, plus Risk Manager. This combines a market risk mangement tool with a new Credit Risk Mangement application that replaces the existing Midas Exposure mangement module.

All of these products can be seanlessly integrated with Midas transaction processing applications in a variety of permutation, depending on the primary business focus of the individual bank, according to MKI. This integration is achieved using MKI's Meridian Middleware, which provides a common platform for the transfer of data between systems. The company says that Midas especially lends itself to this transaction process with the introduction of APIs to all of its transaction processing modules.

Midas-Kapati, 0181 879 1188 www.midas-kapati.com

Multiple AS/400 monitoring utility

Intec has unveiled Sys-Monitor from French company Sopra Systems.

Sys-Monitor is an AS/400 systems management utility that monitors and analyses console and SNMP messages and logs from multiple servers. It tracks servers running OS/400, Netware, Unix, VMS and Windows NT, supervising active processes for each system, triggering commands and other actions by comparing incoming messages with its internal knowledge base, and alerting users if any predefined events occur. Sys-Monitor can run even if network communications are down, can trigger actions on other systems, tracks system metrics in realtime, and sends user alerts if it recieves a message for which it has no action instructions.

Intec, 01252 775400 www.intec.co.uk
Sopra UK, 0207 638 3400

New emulators from Ipswitch

Internet productivity software specialist Ipswitch, Inc has released two new emulator software products, TNExplorer and TN2000 which facilitate connectivity between PC platforms and large host systems, like mainframes and AS/400s. TNExplorer also provides Web-based access via the Internet Explorer browser, offering companies greater convenience and easier access to data. TNExplorer and TN2000 are sold together as a bundle at one low price, letting users choose the interface that's right for them. With each TNExplorer and TN2000 license purchase, Ipswitch provides an equal number of free copies of WS_FTP Pro 6.0, an Internet file transfer protocol client for Windows.

Ipswitch say that TNExplorer and TN2000 offer impressive scalability, low memory footprint, effective use of system resources and support for major gateways. They also offer license flexibility, total customer support, ease-of-use and installation, and on-line documentation. Both complement almost all architectures and possess an extensive list of emulations and transports. Ipswitch also offers TNExplorer Plus and TN2000 Plus versions to accommodate specific VT emulations.

Due to the advanced features and capabilities of TNExplorer and TN2000, Ipswitch is discontinuing sales of its TNHost emulator product. However, the company has said it will continue to honour existing service contracts for TNHost, while offering the newer products free of charge to customers opting to purchase corresponding TNExplorer/TN2000 service contracts.

Unipalm, 01638 569600 www.ipswitch.com

Apex Connect kicks off with System Connect

Apex Connect Ltd, the new name for Cheltnham based MPL Systems, has launched System Connect, a low cost package aimed at the smaller business. It is a complete entry level package based on the model 170 running V4R4 that comprises of software, hardware, installation, training, software support and hardware warranty. The hardware package includes 4 colour terminals, a report printer and can support 14 users. The Systems Connect applications package includes sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledger, Cash Book and a VAT Returns module and is priced at £8,500.

Apex, 01285 862100 www.apexcomp.co.uk

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