March 2000.

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How to set up your company intranet CUA Midrange Controller Stephen Way takes us round an intranet to understand where the AS/400 fits in.
Everyone is now used to using TCP/IP and seeing it become the lingua franca of communications. Now the protocols supported by TCP/IP are all available, together with their servers, on the AS/400, making the implementation of an intranet relatively cheap and straightforward for an AS/400 shop. In order to use the protocols effectively, an understanding of how the whole shebang hangs together is necessary, so this is by way of a brief guided tour.

Tapping into the AS/400 "We can expect to see the first desktop AS/400s towards the end of this year, with laptop, palmtop and wristtop models to follow." Phil's Home Page, April 1999. How close are we really? Phil Edwards finds out.
It's difficult to satirise IT. OS/400 on a palm-top may be some way off, but IBM has already risen to the challenge of producing a 'wristtop' computing device. The Watchpad, currently in prototype, is an 'always-on instant information device'; as the name implies, it's the size and shape of a watch. The Watchpad's simple touch-screen interface gives access to diary and telephone directory functions, as well as 'wireless information services'. When you're tired of browsing the airwaves, it'll also tell the time. Prototypes feature a green-on-black display, which may be a sign of resource limitations or a subtle piece of retro styling on IBM's part - either that or they have got OS/400 in there after all.
Tivoli management suites Eric Doyle continues his tour of Tivoli's product portfolio for the AS/400.
Tivoli's management framework was originally launched to anticipate and solve the problems associated with the management of large enterprise IT systems. Consequently the predecessor of Tivoli Enterprise, Tivoli Management Environment (TME10), was a cornucopia of tools and objects that could be interconnected across a network containing thousands of servers and workstations. This was an exciting prospect for the massive IT departments required to fight the technological flash fires that inevitably sprang up within such complex infrastructures. But the small to medium-sized companies gazed upon TME10 with uncomprehending awe.
Operations management should be simpler Richard Gerrard looks at PackCenter - the operations management suite of tools from Sopra.
Many organisations are struggling with management of their computer systems because they are either not using the right tools or are using tools that are far more complex than they need to be. The solution is to increase the effectiveness of the operations management task by making it simpler through the use of integrated software tools that are each designed to solve specific problems.

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