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February 2000.

These articles are from the February issue of News/400.uk -
The mrc-Productivity Series David Pye takes us on a guided tour of the mrc-Productivity Series.You've implemented your core AS/400 business application, what next?
The main hurdles that could stop you achieving these are cost, lack of necessary skills, and time. The mrc-Productivity Series attempts to solve all of these disparate issues, allowing you to achieve your goals by providing the tools to overcome the potential hurdles.
How to become Euro compliant European monetary union has proved a headache to companies both large and small all over Europe. Since the beginning of this year, all countries in the 'euro zone' have had to be able to trade in euros, as well as several other currencies in many cases. With pricing, marketing, salaries, pensions, bank accounts, financing, session pricing for contractors and logistical issues to think about, the challenge has been daunting for IT directors the length and breadth of the Continent.
Aiming to please No sooner have IT departments got over the big date change, implemented up-to-date ERP systems and started to take advantage of the benefits provided by BI, then another pressing business imperative is given priority on the 'to do' list. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the biggest growth areas in enterprise computing.
Is XML the key to e-commerce? The e-business wave shows no sign of subsiding. The early hype for Internet-based commerce has given way to real e-business applications and a slew of success stories to go with them. Even more telling is the second wave, bringing web-aware extensions to existing products from vendors who missed the first wave. IBM, which caught the tail end of the first wave, is now betting heavily on e-business
Inside IT Director Enterprise may be marketed as the jewel in Tivoli's crown, but for the small-to-medium business Tivoli IT Director is no less a gem despite its humbler setting. When it comes to systems management and monitoring in a mixed network of AS/400 and Windows NT servers and clients, IT Director is beginning to offer an integrated solution in a world dominated by point solutions for each environment.
MQSeries explained MQSeries has its roots in Systems Application Architecture (SAA), the grand architecture that was devised to tackle the task of combining IBM's range of disparate platforms and applications into a cooperative entity. In the old days, IBM's league of gentlemen salespeople faced with non-IBM sites enquiring about SAA would reply, "This is a local shop for local people".
First class line up for Hinkley This year's CUA Annual Conference will take place on 3-5 April at the Hannover International Hotel in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Conference Director, Pat Flannery, has assembled a large team of quality speakers from IBM's laboratories and industry leaders and users who will be delivering advice to visitors based on first-hand experience and knowledge. Attendees will also have plenty of opportunity to meet with other IT professionals for the informal exchange of views and experiences.

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