Cover feature: Clustering and LPAR

One of the AS/400's huge selling points has always been that compared to other mid-range platforms and pretenders, downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. However, in our new e-business era even that is not enough when systems have simply got to be up and running 24/7 all the year round. To address this IBM introduced OS/400-based Clustering Technology. According to IBM, many AS/400 Business Partners re-architected their own solutions to take advantage of this technology and that the combination of their ClusterProven applications and the AS/400 makes it possible to deliver near continuous availability, on a par with the most sophisticated platforms in the market.

Eric Doyle investigates just how far Clustering has, in fact, penetrated the AS/400 market in the last year and also takes a look at that other major announcement made at the same time last year LPAR (Logical Partitioning).

Good Domino Guide

Our monthly section of NEWS/400.uk that looks at the dynamic partnership of Domino and the AS/400.


Steve Newton and Chris Lane take us on a step-by-step guide to installing Client Access/400 (CA/400) which utilises the 'Silent Install' mode within Sterling Software's Install Shield product. This means that brand new installations of CA/400, or an upgrade from an older version to the latest version, can be done without any intervention from the user, including service packs and custom installs.

Systems/Apps management

Henry Kemm rounds off his three-part practical series on testing with a look at test execution and checking results and presents the actual testing and result checking process. He says that in the first two articles, test repetition can be, and mostly is, very boring indeed. The major differences between on-line and batch are the amount of data which you have to create and/or enter, and the amount of data which has to be checked in the results. Here he shows you how to achieve the right results.

AS/400 veteran IT manager, Michael Bower, hopes that his contribution to this month's issue will inspire wry grins of agreement amongst our readership. He hopes to help readers solve the problems of "rules going out of windows" and how to approach the many competing demands from the company on your IT department.

Parvez Ali explores how technical innovation can be successfully introduced to structured AS/400 environments, mainly in the areas pertinent to programmers on the AS/400. He says that any AS/400 shop concerned about good standards should have well documented standards and procedures, covering every aspect of the project life cycle.

In an article aimed at AS/400 SAP users, Ian Johnston looks at the advent of the AS/400 as an e-business platform and the creation of mySAP.com with an explanation of its four key components. He also looks at the future of SAP on the platform and answers the question "What are the critical success factors to implementing a mySAP.com solution."

Ever heard the one about the IT manager who had to dump his AS/400 based systems for NT? Well, there maybe many factors at work here, but some IT departments are succumbing to this kind of pressure simply because they don't fully understand what can be done with modern AS/400 Systems Management. Steve Mengel answers some important Systems Management FAQ's and advises on how to stop this situation happening to your department.

Business Solutions

CUA Midrange Controller Stephen Way looks at the way the open source movement works. Could this 'free' model happen in the firmly commercial world of in-house AS/400 business application development? The answer may well be yes, and here he explains a couple of models where everyone in the AS/400 community could benefit.

AS/400 manager Mick Heath discusses the challenges systems development managers face in an increasingly complex business world and hunts for training opportunities to improve their skills set. A case study on how the Whitbread Beer Company implemented Create!print's print software across its operations to make full use of electronic forms technology.


NEWS/400.uk looks at a number of ways of accessing the AS/400 via the web including by using Visual RPG.

Business Intelligence

Fenella Quinn looks at how international construction materials firm, Tremco, swiftly implemented OS Solutions' ShowMe/400 solution to rapidly solve its BI analysis and how in the process its IT team became true AS/400 converts.


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Andy O'Brien reviews this year's CUA Annual Conference.

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