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The AS/400 as a web server

NEWS/400.uk is the only magazine in Britain in which you can read practical hands-on guides to using the AS/400 as a web server. In the April edition Phil Edwards looks at the wider issues that surround the AS/400 as a web server. Where does it sit in the current IT market? What kind of take-up has there been out there amongst users? How many AS/400 users are even aware of the massive potential the box has as the ideal platform for e-business? We highlight the built-in functions that can get you started in e-business without having to buy a single piece of extra software. Plus we have a look at some of the UKÕs best business AS/400 web serving success stories to date as well as explaining where Domino fits into the whole heady cyber-mix.

Business Solutions

In February 1999 IBM announced that the AS/400's route to market was to be streamlined. The full AS/400 product range was made available through two-tier distribution in line with changes in channel strategy for both high-end Netfinity NT servers and the full range of RS/6000 servers. This move was aimed at enabling resellers to source the AS/400 range, together with the Netfinity servers and all associated peripherals (including storage, networking, printers and maintenance services) from a single distributor. Resellers were to have equal access to AS/400 and PC server product and technical information from a single source which reflected IBM's goal of becoming a single supplier of multi-technology solutions. A year on from these changes to the AS/400 channel, Andy O'Brien assesses their impact on the market.

Andrew Ward takes a look at fax technology on the AS/400, investigates the major players in this section of the industry and analyses the considerable financial awards available to firms that utilise the sophisticated products that are currently available.

NEWS/400.uk looks at the case of SLI  a global organisation that supplies miniature lighting to customers that include Fiat, Ford and Citroen as well as major customers in the aircraft industry and white goods manufacturing and how the company replaced its ERP system with Mapics, courtesy of Procon, one of three UK-based affiliates that specialises in the implementation of Mapics solutions.


John Stevenson explains how you can open up a corridor from within a Microsoft FrontPage-authored website and access an AS/400 application with host-publishing products which can be called seamlessly from within FrontPage and Visual InterDev and can be a godsend to any e-business developer.

Catalyst Solution's chairman Ken Olisa explains his concept of the trilemma facing clicks and mortar firms and analyses their fight back against the e-commerce start ups who have stolen the e-business thunder, whilst traditional firms have been dealing with pressing issues such as Y2K and euro conversion.

Business Intelligence

NEWS/400.uk looks at how ECsoft designed and implemented a knowledge management system for major UK AS/400 user, HMV. The system is expected, in its first year of operation, to order and allocate products worth in excess of £200 million. And best of all, user training takes less than an hour

Systems/Apps management

Last month Robin Coles looked at the pros and cons of IBM's recommended toolset for RPG and COBOL developers. This month he evaluates third party alternatives to Code/400 for PC-based AS/400 development and asks if Code/400 remains the best choice.
In his series on AS/400 testing, Henry Kemm looks at test data creation and the planning and execution of testing and covers Function Analysis, Data Creation and collection and Test Execution.

Nigel Wright's Product Focus takes us on a tour of ThenonÕs SEE/GSM Text system, which enables users to send commands to an AS/400 or NT system and receive notification messages in return via a mobile phone.

Eric Doyle looks at the various modules that are now available for Tivoli Enterprise on the AS/400.


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As more and more AS/400s are used to communicate with the outside world, their security is exposed to a greater potential threat. Andy Coates looks at some of the back doors like FTP, TELNET, ODBC/JDBC, DDM and Client Access file transfer and advises on how to use the AS/400's own features to protect it from outside intrusion.