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Here you will find information regarding subscriptions, newsletters, payment, & answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Contact your product-dedicated customer carer. To find out who you need to speak to, locate your product below and we’ll be happy to help you.

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AS/400 Newsletters Carmen carmen@news400.com
Books Debbie debbie@winntmag.com
NEWS/400 International Magazine Carmen carmen@news400.com
NEWS/400.uk   Magazine Carmen carmen@news400.com
NEWS/400 International CD Carmen carmen@news400.com
SQL Server Magazine Sharon sharon@winntmag.com
Windows NT Newlsetters Sharon sharon@winntmag.com
Windows NTexplorer Magazine Sam sam@ntexplorer.com
Windows NT International Magazine - UK Sharon sharon@winntmag.com
Windows NT International Magazine - Europe Sam sam@ntexplorer.com
Windows NT International CD Sharon sharon@winntmag.com

Telephone: 0161 929 2800 or Fax: 0161 929 1609

Please remember, if you are calling from outside the UK please omit ‘0’ from the above numbers and replace with ‘+44’.
Frequently Asked Questions:-


FAQ How Can I pay?
ANSWER Cheque, Bank Transfer, Switch or Credit Card (Visa, Access, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express). Contact your product-dedicated Customer Carer for our Bank Details
FAQ When I first subscribe to NEWS/400 International, Windows NT International, Windows NTexplorer, SQL Server, Newsletters or CDs, what happens next?
ANSWER You will receive an invoice within 10 working days.You will receive your first issue within 28 working days.
You should pay your invoice (unless payment was made at time of order) within 28 working days.

FAQ Once I have become an established subscriber to NEWS/400 International, SQL Server or Windows NT International when can I expect to receive my product?
ANSWER Between 1st and 10th of each month.
FAQ Do I pay VAT?
ANSWER Magazines and books are exempt from VAT. The only exception to this ruling is if a book contains a CD – if in doubt check with your product-dedicated carer.
FAQ I have moved and want to change my address, what should I do?
ANSWER To avoid any delays please let us know immediately – complete the change of address form
FAQ If I were to order today, with which issue would my subscription start?
ANSWER AS/400 Developer Newsletter October 99
AS/400 RPG Source Newsletter October 99
AS/400 Network Solutions Newsletter October 99
NEWS/400 International Magazine October 99
NEWS/400.uk Magazine October 99
NEWS/400 International CD January 2000
SQL Server Magazine October 99
Win32 Scripting Newlsetter October 99
Windows NT Exchange Administrator Newlsetter October 99
Windows NT IIS Administrator Newlsetters October 99
Windows NTexplorer Magazine October 99
Windows NT International Magazine October 99
Windows NT International CD June or December 99
FAQ Are all your magazines/products published on a monthly basis?
ANSWER No, frequency varies according to the product, below is a guide to how many issues you will receive and when...


AS/400 Developer Newsletter 6 Jan/Mar/May/July/Sep/Nov
AS/400 RPG Source Newsletter 10 Jan-Jul & Sep-Nov
AS/400 Network Solutions Newsletter 6 Dec/Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct
NEWS/400 International Magazine 12 Jan – Dec 99
NEWS/400.uk Magazine 10 Jan – Jul & Sep – Nov 99
NEWS/400 International CD 2 Jan & Jul 99
SQL Server Magazine 12 Jan – Dec 99
Win32 Scripting Newlsetter 12 Jan – Dec 99
Windows NT Exchange Administrator Newlsetter 12 Jan – Dec 99
Windows NT IIS Administrator Newlsetters 12 Jan – Dec 99
Windows NTexplorer Magazine 11 Jan – Jul & Sep – Dec 99
Windows NT International Magazine 12 Jan – Dec 99
Windows NT International CD 2 Jun & Dec 99

I would like a subscription to NEWS/400.uk , the controlled circulated magazine?

ANSWER Simply complete the controlled circulation form on www.news400.co.uk.

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