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Creative marketing and advertising is all about achieving brand awareness, together with informing and enticing the marketplace in which you wish to do business.
NEWS/400 publications are well recognised as a centre of experience and knowledge in the IBM midrange marketplace on a worldwide scale via magazines, books, exhibition attendance and educational seminars both here in Europe and in the USA.

NEWS/400 is the global leader in IBM midrange publishing. NEWS/400.uk can offer you the ability to get your message to the largest available circulation of midrange users available in the UK. It offers you many dimensions; from working with our Editorial team to create good quality articles for our readers [your sales prospects], to the ability to publish news stories and articles within the magazine and also electronically, here, on our website. Using a mix of the editorial, display advertising, tipon or loose insert response devices in conjunction with advertising and editorial on the website you can plan the strongest available marketing campaign to drive your product sales in the UK.

Take a look at each of the tabs above here for ideas on upcoming editorial, circulation, the many different marketing opportunities within magazine and website plus the more technical deadline information you will need in relation to your advertisement choice.

If you would like information a quotation or help in order to plan your campaign just give Kathie Cutter, Associate Publisher, NEWS/400.uk a call on +44 [0]161 929 2814 and talk it through. We are pleased to offer guidance and help so that you can create the most innovative marketing campaign that fits neatly within your budget and helps to promote good strong sales. At NEWS/400.uk we pride ourselves on an ability to work in all dimensions bothwith editorial and advertising for the IBM midrange community.
  • For information on Advertising contact
    Kathie Cutter (Associate Publisher) on 0161 929 2814.
  • To order a Media Kit please email Debbie Thornton or call
    0161 929 2824.